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Lamb's Gate provides a high quality education in a positive, loving Christian environment that nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of children. We offer small class sizes, with a teacher and teaching assistant in every classroom. We welcome children as young as 18 months or younger as long as they are able to feed themself and walk independently up to children of Kindergarten age.


Our curriculum encourages creative thinking, hands-on learning, problem solving, and community outreach for children of all developmental levels.

What distinguishes Lamb's Gate from other programs is our dedication to daily worship, age-appropriate developmental learning through play and intentional lessons, and an inclusion model. We value individuality and serve children of varying ability levels by acknowledging their unique, God-given skills and strengths and adapting instruction to meet their needs.

Lamb's Gate seeks to reach families of all backgrounds and families with or without religious affiliations.

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