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Lamb's Gate Christian School is committed to helping families find resources in the community to help meet the needs of their children.  We love partnering with therapists and other professionals who are willing to provide services for students on our campus.


Many of our students work with agencies that provide speech, ABA, or other therapies.  We are happy to work with any provider whose staff, philosophy, and methods work in harmony with ours. These services are not provided by Lamb's Gate and must be procured and paid for by parents (or through their insurance providers), but we do our best to help parents navigate these systems.


For several years, Lamb's Gate has had a partnership with Optima Behavior Consulting and Autism Spectrum Therapies for ABA therapy to be provided for students on the Autism Spectrum.  They can provide this service both during and after school, on our campus or in the home. The goal of this partnership is for our students with autism to receive the maximum benefit of being in a full inclusion program.  ABA helps these students reach their full potential academically, socially, and functionally.  In order to receive this service, your child's healthcare insurance provider must approve ABA therapy and be contracted with Optima.  Please click the link below to be directed to Optima's website or Autism Spectrum Therapies website and learn more.

Optima Behavioral Consulting

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