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Community Events
& Special Days

Fall Family Night 

Fall Family Night is a great event that typically falls on a Friday evening in October where we celebrate good weather, play fall games, and even pick and decorate our very own pumpkins from our patch.  

Pumpkin Patch

Movie Night

Movie Night is an opportunity to get our families together for a movie and themed crafts that go along with it! Bring your own items to create a comfy, cozy spot for the family to enjoy the show.


Bids and Boots

Bids & Boots is an evening typically packed with BBQ, line dancing, and a silent auction to raise funds for a specific school project or focus. It is a child free event, although limited childcare is available on site. Grab your boots and hat and plan on enjoying an evening together!


Special Days throughout the year

We love to find creative and messy ways to have fun by incorporating "Special Days" throughout the year. Gross and fine motor skills that go along with the theme are what keep us busy and grow our strength.


Group Worship

Every month September through May we have what we call, Group Worship. This is an opportunity for families to stay and be a part of our worship time. It usually takes place in the courtyard or the main church building at 9:15 am.


Community Picnics

When the weather isn't too hot, we love encouraging our community to picnic together on our grassy knoll. We eat, play, and get to know others within the community that we wouldn't normally connect with.


Spring Celebration

Spring Celebration is typically held in April on an evening where families come together to play carnival themed games, eat food off the grill, and enter raffle baskets! 


The messier the better!

Some of our favorite Special Days are Pumpkin Days, Snow Days, Rodeo Days, Foot Days and Water Days!

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